Rudy roan photography

“Mouthwatering pictures” and “fingerlickin’ good images”.

My camera is deaf, can’t taste or smell and is even blind – until I lend my eye to it.
But I taste and taste all the more. I express the emotions I feel in my images.
Yet music from home was my first love.

But unlike my cousins and uncles as lyricist/composer Gus Roan and musical phenomenon John Roan (Arsenal), my musical concoctions – despite five years of solfège and a lasting love for music – were not high-flyers.

With the same passion but just a little more innate talent, then I made my profession out of another passion: light and colour and capturing that one moment.
In the meantime we are 40 years older, tens of thousands of photos, hundreds of restaurant visits and, yes – you have to take the blunder with the bump – also a lot of kilos further on.

No regrets. On the contrary. More than ever I feel privileged. A Sunday child who could do his job as a photographer in 22 countries and for more than a thousand clients.

A playbird who got the chance to work with numerous chefs and creatives from the front row.

Photography, architecture, interior design, fashion and – also – cooking give colour to my life more than ever and more brightly than ever before.
Rudy Roan Photographer, Luxury Places, AGX Workspaces among others, and the ‘feelgood newspaper’ Nie Neutenaar – De A-politieke Goed Nieuws krant, are not so silent witnesses of this.
What do you think, shall we have a chat?

bedrijfsfotografie en bedrijfsvideo

Michelin/Imperial Heritage 2023

Calltic International Belgium

Marbella Beach club 2023